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Top 10 Ways to Care for Men's Shoes

by Teni Wada

You know that certain fabrics are dry clean only and that dark colored clothing can bleed color on light or white colored clothing, but how much do you know about taking care of your shoes? If you think that shoes are a minor piece of your wardrobe, you’re in for a surprise.

Shoes are sometimes cast aside as a minor character in the role of your life, but they need to be upgraded to supporting cast. Your footwear shoes off your personality and can make (or break) any outfit. On top of that, shoes protect your feet, which are tasked with the hefty job of walking, running, and most of all for big and tall men, supporting your weight.

Whether you’ve invested in a high-quality pair of loafers or the latest sneakers, you’ll reap more than a financial investment once you’ve learned how to take care of your footwear. This guide covers everything from stretching, cleaning, polishing, and even how to deal with excess sweating. Here’s 10 ways you can keep your shoes in prime condition.

1. Prevent sweat

Foot powder helps prevent sweat and odor, but the best way to stop excess sweating starts with wearing a fresh pair of 100% cotton socks whenever you put on your shoes.

2. Stretch new leather shoes

Take a tip from the ladies on this one. Put on several pairs of socks then put on your new leather shoes. Use hairdryer to apply heat while moving your feet.

3. Polish leather shoes

Invest in a high-quality polish with oils and shea butter to give life and sheen to leather shoes.

4. Protect suede shoes

Suede, a delicate leather, bruises easily. Cover with a protective water-resistant spray. After each wear, apply a suede eraser on stains, then follow up with a suede brush.

5. Dry leather shoes with newspaper

Your first instinct may be to reach for the hair dryer or heater when your shoes get soaked, but that will only crack the leather. Use newspaper to absorb the excess moisture, then place in a well-ventilated area.

6. Leather deserves a brush, not sponge

Like attracts like. Taking care of a natural material by using a brush with natural hair.

7. Re-sole your shoes

Don’t let good shoes go to waste! Put rubber soles on new leather shoes. Do note that high-quality shoes can be resoled anywhere from 3 to 10 times, making shoe repair much more does-effective than purchasing a new pair.

8. Keep your sneakers fresh

A secret that all sneakerheads know: Skip the drugstore cleaners and polishes and head straight for a shoe cleaner that will effectively tackle grime.

9. Glass cleaner

When it comes to patent leather shoes, you can keep them clean by simply spraying with glass cleaner. Wipe away with a clean, dry cloth, and .you’re done.

10. Stock up on shoe trees

Extend the life of your shoes by inserting shoe trees after each wear. Shoe trees keep the shape of your shoe and prevent creasing of the material. Opt for cedar to control odor and absorb moisture.

Now you know the importance of taking care of your shoes and how to take care of several types of shoes and various materials, like leather, suede, and patent leather. But, shoe maintenance is more than looking good -- shoes play a vital role in protecting your feet from injury and provide support and stability.

Use these 10 tips to keep your footwear in prime condition, and they’ll be able to withstand daily wear and whatever comes your way.

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About Author

Teni WadaAfter studying abroad in Tokyo, Teni Wada returned to pursue her dream of working in the Japanese fashion industry. She’s spent 5 years working for fashion brands and in the iconic Shibuya 109 shopping mall. In her latest role as a content creator, she now incorporates her fashion retail experience to write fashion and style tips, as well as Japan shopping guides. While her Twitter is filled is baseball and parenting memes, you can find out more about her Tokyo life at or on Instagram.

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